Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thinking About Commuting by Bicycle?

Found a website dedicated to bicycle commuting: Commute by Bike. Among the offerings are some tips for those starting out:

I thought the tip about "The Slackers Guide to Bike Commuting" might be of interest to the reluctant.

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  1. I enjoy biking and I am glad it helps my brain. I live in Newton (during the school year) not far from Newton South, where I work, but I haven't been able to use the bike as my transportation to go to work. I have a few colleagues that do that. For me it requires a change of clothes, a shower and it becomes too complicated. I do use the bike during the summer in Europe and it is really no different than using the bus or my Vespa, which I love but I am not comfortable using one in Boston. I really think that there should be a change in the way many people think in the States. Bikes are a system of transportation and a good one for our planet,they are not only spandex and exercise. I am part of the same mentality I regularly take Spinning classes! Exercise is part of life, is just daily movement that helps us breath and function.